LG Preceding Samsung to Market Flexible Screen

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Precedes Samsung, LG Display want to be the first to ship a flexible screen. This year, LG Display ensuring its products are available in the market.

This information spread after LG Display announced an increase in funding the development of a significant product in this year. The South Korean company confirmed the existence of a higher percentage of research and product development.

Flexible and transparent displays fall into a 'quota' and arguably special attention. Not surprisingly, LG Display are very confident will be able to market rigidities first screens from Samsung. Similarly, as quoted from Digital Trends, Saturday (13/04/2013).

As is known, flexible screens have a high enough level of complexity in production. Samsung itself forced to delay the emergence of Youm, in the market. The rigidities screen should now slide the end of 2012.

LG Flex Another source said, because the production of screens that can be bent and folded is quite complicated, Samsung new possibilities begin production in late 2012. There is no current information when it is available in flexible display market.

Previously, the leaked specifications of the flexible display has been busy circulating. Youm will have a size of 4.5 inches, a thickness of 0.3 millimeters and brings WVGA 800 x 480 resolution.

In addition to Samsung and LG, Nokia is also developing this kind of screen. At the Nokia World event last year the Finnish vendor is already showing it off. Compared to them, LG seems indeed the most agile. Secretly, reportedly reportedly already begun mass production since the beginning of this year.

Which is The Best, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk or WeChat

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Mobile cross-platform instant messaging now become popular as mobile handset become the choice for the people. Various applications made ​​in America to China was trying to lure consumers in Indonesia.

In the country, at least until now there are four competing applications. Starting from Whatsapp, Line, Kakao Talk and WeChat.

There are still a few more similar services in the online store. However, at least four applications on top of that diligent introduce yourself via advertising and mass media.
Everything certainly claim to offer different services and is superior to one another. So do not just merely exchanging messages.

Is this true? Only consumers must know and feel.

Well, we tried to find out more about the advantages and features that exist in the four instant messaging application. So you can separate them choose which service fits. Here's the result.

1. WhatsApp

1 whatsapp

When BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has limitations because it is present only in the BlackBerry platform, WhatsApp trying to steal the attention of smartphone users.

WhatsApp made by former Yahoo retainer Brian Acton and Jan Koum based in California, USA.

This application is generally paid, who initially told customers to purchase a license for a certain period.

Overall, the BBM with WhatsApp is not much different. Only be able to exchange messages, pictures, sounds, and create a group chat.

Because a standard feature but can cross smartphones, many users are switching from BBM to WhatsApp.

Well, when a pin-based BlackBerry BBM, WhatsApp is based on the telephone number listed.

Because this is based cell phone number, not a few who complained about the unknown number that users can suddenly send a message.

Group chat is limited to 30 numbers. But, besides that usually only the author admin group, no one can add numbers or other friends.

Pros: WhatsApp located at the interface and functionality standards. So that anyone can easily use it, including businessmen who do not want a wide-range of services.

Disadvantages: just a standard feature in the middle of the competition is relatively favored or not. But that little lump in WhatsApp users sometimes have to pay for a certain period of time.

Platform: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, S40, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone.

2. Line

2 Line

According to the story, made ​​initial application for instant messaging Line 'help' the man who can not express the words to the woman.

Line become so famous not only as a messenger says, but also stickers - a kind of funny animations. Thus, most users Line more frequently than the sticker exchange.

Funny sticker that makes a booming Line used the developer, NHN Japan, to sell stickers.
Line not just offer instant messaging, because in fact the user can call a fellow member with the Line-based VoiP (Voice Internet Protocol).

It's that little distinguishes Line with similar services, the user can switch to a PC.

Another feature that may be important is, the user can determine whether the message line has been read.

Timeline is another feature offered by Line users. Users can write down all the activities like on Facebook.

Because cross-platform, playing games that have been made ​​can be done by the user at the same Line.

Of course each user can reply with a cute sticker.

Pros: Not just exchanging written messages. Users can share the sticker with an unusual character. Including when switching to PC.

Disadvantages: Although Line is basically not based phone numbers. Users could easily have added Line account, without the need to be approve.

For some, the next thing I knew bobbed account unknown or undesirable may disturb. Although after that could be blocked.

3. Kakao Talk

3 Kakao Talk

Coming from South Korea, Kakao Talk back to try his luck in the Indonesian market. In addition to standard features, such as a variety of messages and images, what else can be given by KakaoTalk?

Of course its ability to make free calls VoIP based. But excess free call on KakaoTalk, users can call simultaneously without boundaries.

Indeed, more and more are invited to talk with will have an effect on sound quality. Depending on the quality of the internet is used.

KakaoTalk seems does not offer as many features as Line, such as gaming or social networking. But there are advantages in the Item Shop that sells stickers local flavor.

Call it an item from the famous blogger, funny Benazio or sticker of Pocong. Interestingly again, the user can use the emoticons for 90 days before buying it.

Pros: Free Calls or group chat with fellow account a number of very many advantages in KakaoTalk. Items such as stickers or emticon can be tested before purchase.

Disadvantages: For some emoticons on Kakao Talk less expressive. Moreover, the features offered also bear, not a little but not too much.

Platform: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

4. WeChat

4 WeChat

Came as a last challenger, WeChat direct steal smartphone users. Of course with more complete features claimed.

Features like sharing messages, VoiP and emoticon is definitely there in WeChat. But about emoticons, It feel less numerous and too mainstream.

Sharing activity can be performed as a Line. Somewhat different is a Look Around feature, which lets users search for fellow users WeChat in locations where it is located.

Want to move the computer, WeChat users can already do. Because the Chinese instant messaging service has been present.

But unlike the Line, users do not need to bother downloading the desktop version. Because simply by scanning the QR code directly switch to PC users.

Pros: Features Look Around and easily switch to a PC, according to detikINET, the most interesting of these WeChat. Regardless of other standard features.

Disadvantages: If you are a big fan of animated icons are cute, WeChat seems less taste in terms of character and expression.

Final Result:

Features: Messaging, VoIP & Pictures

Almost all standard features in this four instant messaging applications. Everything went smoothly, although not necessarily the same across platforms as good. Depending internet network.

Like to create a group can be done in four applications. Indeed, the number of members between applications differ from each other.

But there is a minus in WhatsApp, users are not able to perform internet-based calls.

Clear about whether or not to make voice calls, of course depending on the network obtained.

Emoticons or Sticker

Unless WhatsApp, users can exchange questions sticker and emoticons. A matter of taste, is not the same from one application to another.

Although arguably, according detikINET, emoticons catalog of WeChat less attractive.

Although not the most good, have to pay the emoticon before, a good strategy for Kakao Talk.

Switch to PC

Continued chatting to the PC is certainly interesting. But just WeChat and Line that has this feature.

Least of the two, We WeChat as the best. Because the users do not need to download a native application on the PC. It’s enough with Barcode scan.

Samsung Youm Glide, a flexible screen display prototype

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After introducing smartphone with flexible display technology that can be rolled up and folded, now Samsung has also introduced a new series Youm. The product is still a prototype which called as Samsung Youm Glide. Youm Glide also still adopting a flexible display, but not as extreme as samsung rolled screen phones.

Samsung Youm Glide apply Youm as screen smartphone display that has not naturally form as usual on recent mobile phone. If we usually see that all recent screen is flat, with a flexible display technology Samsung brings smartphone with a curved screen.


By using the curved screen, it looks more elegant smartphone because the screen is not only the face but on the sides and bottom as well. The curved side of the screen is used to place information such as incoming message notifications, or applications that are running. Samsung Youm Glide has a 5-inch screen with full HD resolution 1920x1080px. Reportedly, the concept of a curved screen like this will be pinned on the Samsung Galaxy S IV, we'll wait.


Asus Taichi Specification and Price

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Asus launched a number of touch screen products in early 2013. Some products, which attract attention is the touch screen one, namely Asus Taichi notebook.

Devices that cater to the high end of the concept is a convertible notebook, which also serves a tablet. Asus Taichi, which runs Windows 8, relied on two screens in one device. The traditional screens and additional screens for position behind traditional screen tablet. Two 11.6-inch screen has the same quality with Full HD 1920x1080 HD corning glass fit.

"This is a device that can support to work, presentations at meetings and home use with tablet models," said Juliana Chen, Manager of Product Management and Marketing Asus product launch in Indonesia in Jakarta.

When the notebook is opened, Asus Taichi as other notebook that comes with a full-sized QWERTY backlit keyboard and trackpad. But when the device is closed, will turn into a multi-touch tablet which supports stylus.

Asus Taichi

Screens for notebook form does not support multi-touch, while the current position of a tablet, the screen supports multi-touch. Difference between the two is the screen display to the notebook there are bezzel or frames, whereas for the tablet screen is frameless.

Taichi comes with dimensions of 30.66 x19, 93x1, 74 cm and weighs 1.25 kg. This gadget embedded with processors that support Intel Core i7 and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Storage 256 GB SATA III SSD, HD web camera, for the camera tablet position 5 M 1080 pixels with auto focus. Included also bluetooth connectivity. Port completed with an audio jack, USB 3.0, LAN port, micro HDMI, docking connector, mini VGA. Features Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio support supplement. 35 Whrs Polymer Battery capacity is claimed to last up to 5 hours with standby time up to 200 days. Asus Taichi priced at U.S. $ 1,729 and already on the market this month.

Kingston HyperX Predator, The Largest Ever 1 TB USB Flash Drive

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How big is your flash disk capacity, only 2 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB already? Let’s check it out now Kingston has announced the largest capacity flash disk, which has up to 1 TB.

Yes, you did not misread. USB Flash Drive Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 Predator is encouraged to have up to 1 TB of storage space, equivalent to 1,000 GB. With this great capacity, Predator DT HyperX 3.0 has a speed 240MB / s for read file and 160MB / s for write file. The unit is also certified by SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0. Meanwhile, if it is plugged with USB 2.0, then the resulting speed is 30MB / s read and 30MB / s when writing a file.

"The DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 Our latest Predator allows users to store all their digital files into a Flash Drive USB 3.0," said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Kingston Director, Asia Pacific, in a statement.

"Large storage capacity and transfer speed USB 3.0 allows users to save time because they can access, edit, and transfer applications or files such as HD movies directly to the drive without any lag in performance," he added.

DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 is compatible with Predator USB specification 3.0 and has been optimized for a USB 3.0 port found on the latest PCs.

Users claimed to work with video or graphics-heavy files, or gamers who like traveling with a different collection of game files will be very thankful to speed and large capacity drives.
Material metal casing made of zinc alloy to ensure superior quality, shock resistant and modern design. DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 Predator marketed by Kignston key ring can be adjusted and a valet keychain HyperX. The unit is also compatible with USB 2.0.

Kingston has been celebrating it’s 25th birthday in the memory industry. The company was founded on October 17, 1987, and has been claimed to be a biggest third-party memory companies in the world.

kingston hyperX predator