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Samsung Youm Glide, a flexible screen display prototype

Posted by Saha Tea Monday, January 14, 2013 0 komentar

After introducing smartphone with flexible display technology that can be rolled up and folded, now Samsung has also introduced a new series Youm. The product is still a prototype which called as Samsung Youm Glide. Youm Glide also still adopting a flexible display, but not as extreme as samsung rolled screen phones.

Samsung Youm Glide apply Youm as screen smartphone display that has not naturally form as usual on recent mobile phone. If we usually see that all recent screen is flat, with a flexible display technology Samsung brings smartphone with a curved screen.


By using the curved screen, it looks more elegant smartphone because the screen is not only the face but on the sides and bottom as well. The curved side of the screen is used to place information such as incoming message notifications, or applications that are running. Samsung Youm Glide has a 5-inch screen with full HD resolution 1920x1080px. Reportedly, the concept of a curved screen like this will be pinned on the Samsung Galaxy S IV, we'll wait.


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