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LG Preceding Samsung to Market Flexible Screen

Posted by Saha Tea Saturday, April 13, 2013 0 komentar

Precedes Samsung, LG Display want to be the first to ship a flexible screen. This year, LG Display ensuring its products are available in the market.

This information spread after LG Display announced an increase in funding the development of a significant product in this year. The South Korean company confirmed the existence of a higher percentage of research and product development.

Flexible and transparent displays fall into a 'quota' and arguably special attention. Not surprisingly, LG Display are very confident will be able to market rigidities first screens from Samsung. Similarly, as quoted from Digital Trends, Saturday (13/04/2013).

As is known, flexible screens have a high enough level of complexity in production. Samsung itself forced to delay the emergence of Youm, in the market. The rigidities screen should now slide the end of 2012.

LG Flex Another source said, because the production of screens that can be bent and folded is quite complicated, Samsung new possibilities begin production in late 2012. There is no current information when it is available in flexible display market.

Previously, the leaked specifications of the flexible display has been busy circulating. Youm will have a size of 4.5 inches, a thickness of 0.3 millimeters and brings WVGA 800 x 480 resolution.

In addition to Samsung and LG, Nokia is also developing this kind of screen. At the Nokia World event last year the Finnish vendor is already showing it off. Compared to them, LG seems indeed the most agile. Secretly, reportedly reportedly already begun mass production since the beginning of this year.

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